Client Services

Dawson & Walsh are a specialist recruitment consultancy with international reach. We provide candidates on both a permanent and contract / temporary basis to meet our clients’ recruitment requirements.

Our consultants thoroughly research a client’s business before commencing the recruitment process. They build on their desk research at the client meeting where they will structure the session to get all the salient points covered off. It is at this point that our consultants really begin to work hand-in-hand with their client to develop the brief for each position being recruited for. Our aim is to find out exactly what our clients are looking for and what part the new hire will play in their business. By investing time at the start of the process we know we will be able to offer a more successful end result.

Sourcing Candidates - Database

A dedicated team of resourcers and researchers constantly update our extensive database. Our strong presence within the industry ensures we receive a constant flow of appropriate CVs. However, because of our exacting requirements only the top 25% of applicants get through our quality control procedures, enabling them to be registered on our database.

Search and Selection

We realise that sometimes the right candidate for a position might not be actively looking for a new position. If that’s the case then our researchers have specific expertise in ethical headhunting and search methods which help us to identify and approach the relevant people within an agreed list of organisations. Once we have identified relevant candidates we will approach them to ascertain their interest before assessing them for suitability and interviewing them for inclusion on your shortlist.


Experience has taught us what kind of recruitment advertising works and what doesn’t. Our track record bears testament that our own particular brand of high impact advertising produces optimum results for our clients whenever and wherever it appears. By constantly re-evaluating our methods in line with client requirements we can stay way ahead of market changes and reflect market trends. We’ve carefully built our brand to the extent that it has now become synonymous with quality and is instantly recognisable within the marketplace. For those times when a position demands more attention, our in-house design and marketing team will create powerful advertising that gets results.

Professional Networking

As the saying goes it’s not what you know, but who you know; which is why our consultants make it their business to regularly organise and attend various industry specific functions, with the aim of making contact with potential candidates. We have also worked hard to establish good relations with professional bodies, which help us understand our market at an even deeper level.
We realise that sometimes even tried and tested methods of recruitment don’t have the required impact and a more creative approach may be required. Taking the initiative, we will advise on an alternative method of attracting the right candidates, such as a seminar or a workshop aimed at specific skill groups.

Response Handling

When we act on your behalf we think of ourselves as ambassadors of your company, and as such we operate at the highest possible standards of service. We think that it’s important that candidates enjoy a timely and efficient service at all times even if their application isn’t successful. We handle all responses to advertising saving you valuable management time. We filter submitted CVs on a daily basis ensuring that all candidates receive an acknowledgement within 48 hours.

Short Listing

We meet our clients in person to deliver our shortlist and the supporting notes we make on each candidate. Our views are balanced and objective outlining a candidate’s strengths as well as any possible reservations or areas for further investigation. At this stage client interviews are arranged with the agreed short listed candidates. To provide continuity, the relevant Dawson & Walsh consultant can also sit in on the interviews. Before their interviews all candidates are provided with an information pack as well as being fully briefed on the process. Should the candidate have any concerns we make sure that they are highlighted to the client prior to the interview. Our approach ensures that both parties get all they can from the experience.

The Interview Process

Rigorous candidate selection processes are the key to a successful appointment. Therefore relevant candidates are interviewed in person by the consultant handling the assignment. With agreement from the client we would carry out competency or criteria (achievement) based interviews. We are particularly interested in what aspect of the position has motivated the candidate’s application. As this is an exacting process, each interview takes between 1-1½ hours. Should a candidate be rejected at this stage the rejection is given verbally and the reasoning behind our decision is always fully explained as a guide for future applications.


Our referencing service makes sure that rigorous checks are made on the previous employment of candidates, which can be vitally important when making senior appointments. Clients receive a written report detailing education and professional qualifications as well as key competencies for the role. Add to that thorough reference taking and you can see that an all-round perspective on candidates leaves no margin for error; in other words, we get the right person for the right position.

Candidate Feedback

Applying for a new position involves a huge investment of time and effort. As a courtesy we make sure that we provide comprehensive feedback to candidates within 48 hours of their interview. This is extremely important as it affects how both successful and unsuccessful candidates think of Dawson & Walsh and the company who is recruiting.

Naturally we feel that every stage of the recruitment process is important, yet we consider the offer management stage crucial. Handled correctly this stage can add real value to the final stages of the process, giving our clients increased leverage. We pride ourselves on being able to handle this stage professionally while remaining completely unbiased. At this stage we often act as a bridge between client and candidate as concerns are voiced or perhaps offers from competitive companies tabled. During this delicate period we are able to operate swiftly to maximise success and reduce the risk of possible failure.


Even after the placement is agreed, our job is far from done. We arrange a post-placement review meeting when we can discuss the highs and lows of the entire process. The process is extremely important to us as we ask for and act on our client’s comments, building a continually better experience with each appointment.